Sales Administrator x1

closing date: 18 July 2021 location: Central Pretoria

Job Description

Verbal and written communication. Ability to multitask, effectively manage time & multiple projects High level interpersonal skills and influencing ability. Fully operational understanding of the SAP authorisation concept and the GRC concept. Understanding of the business processes at Rainbow. Drive & delivery focus. Report writing Interpersonal Relationship management Logical thinking Analytical thinking Presentation. Team commitment. Leadership – ability to hold people accountable and manage staff.

Minimum Requirements

• Matric.
• Preference will be given to candidates who have a recognised Sales and Marketing Qualification.
• Minimum of 5 years’ sales experience preferably within the FMCG environment.
• Computer literate with skills in Excel and word

Duties & Responsibilities

Input pricing into the system Capture, load and input deals into system. Submit weekly pre-pricing to all relevant call centres on a weekly basis Manage and collate price changes and deals and implement into them the system to reflect between Rainbow and Customers. Assist with customer communication of queries, notifications and changes and channel to relevant individuals. Capture all promotional activity & subsequent forecasted demand onto schedule & communicate it to relevant planner. Maintain electronic and paper-based customer records and information Monitor pricing information from plant planners regarding defected stock being sent to Farm Shop. Investigate the rand value & quantity of defected stock being sent to farm shop on an on-going basis and revert to account manager and address with Customer Verify pricing discounts with relevant account manager and implement. Load deals for customer & inquire out of strategy pricing with the Regional Sales Manager. On a weekly basis, investigate SAP order discrepancies and liaise with Sales Manager and Channel Reps and implement corrective action Claim Management: Receive claims Verify all claims submitted by Vector are price related claims Investigate possible causes of claims, calculate correct costing of claims and confirm values being claimed. Gather all relevant evidence and supporting documentation for valid and invalid claims. Ensure that all claims are updated and submitted timeously to relevant parties. Follow-up with Customers on outstanding invalid claims Ensure that all outstanding claims are signed off and submitted for payments. Clear claims from system within 60 days General Administration: Co-ordinate, plan and prepare for all meetings and presentations. Complete reconciliation statements for designated managers Process expense claims for managers (cell phone, excess travel, etc). Manage stationery resources. Track and capture team expenditure into the system. Manage and maintain SKU works library to ensure images are up to date and appear online and ensure all new product listings are inputted into the system. Prepare sales and promotional documentation for management meetings. Monitor Customer monthly tracking reports Track customer promotion performance. Assist with procurement order placements for various requirements.

Choosing The right Team

Thought Leadership with experience in helping businesses to find comprehensive solutions

Payroll F.A.Q’s

How can I have monthly and weekly employees in the same company?

“Go to Settings -> Payment Frequencies, then click “Add” to add additional types of payment periods to the company.“

How do I delete an employee?

“To completely remove an employee from the system, they must have no finalised payslips. So the first step is to unfinalise any currently finalised payslips – click the newest finalised payslip date on the list of dates on the right and the “Undo Finalise” button will appear on the payslip.Once there are no finalised payslips, a “Delete” option will be available under the “Actions” menu.“

How do I change my password?

“Click your e-mail address at the top-right of the screen and you will see an option to do so.“

My first payslips are for a different period than what I actually want. How do I fix this?

Go to Settings -> Payment Frequencies, select the applicable frequency and change the first payroll period. Please ensure that no payslips have been finalised before doing this.“

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